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Bratayudha is the chapter when Pandawa versus Kurawa in the fierce war. After the failed agrement Kurawa and Pandawa. Kurawa and Pandawa gathered ally to fight. Wirata as their grandfather become in netral side, not join both side.


Kurawa using briliant way, where they tricked a few king to join them against Pandawa. The king that tricked eventualy have no choice to follow and against Pandawa. The main force in this war lies in Krisna kingdom, Kurawa have soldier support from Krisna. But Krisna join the war as the support in Arjuna.

The beggining of War[]

The war begin with fierce. One of Arjuna son has died because he surronded with soo much powerful warrior. Arjuna angry and make a sworn, to killed the mastermind of that cruel things. And with help of Krisna, the mastermind has killed. In this moment, Pandawa meet and defeat Bisma, Durna and even Karna. Karna fight vs Arjuna. Every weapon they have has fought. Until both of them take their ultimate weapon, but the god arrive to order them not using the weapon. Arjuna able to windrawn his weapon, but Karna unable to draw it then release it then killed gatotkaca who fly in the sky. The fight betwen two brother win by Arjuna. In the end, Arjuna surprised the true about Karna Origin. With the death of Karna, the last was Duryudana.

The Ending[]

The war has ended when Bima vs Duryudana. But once again Krisna able to trick Duryudana soo he become weak. Duryudana ask his mother for ultimate defence, which able to trick by Krisna. In the last battle, Bima using this weakness to defeat Duryudana once and for all. Astina become peacefull and begin to give to young generation. But Aswatama killed all young generation. But he then killed by Parikesit. Pandawa shock hear this but the life must go. Parikesit then become the last generation of Wayang purwa.

Krisna Dead[]

Krisna return to his kingdom just to face horible desteny. Because he not stop the war, he have guilty for what he done earlier. In the time of harvest, one of his citizen have duel than throw harvest to other. The Harvest transform into weapon, this harvest that change into weapon make riot. Krisna unable to stop the riot then died because one of weapon. Template:WayangTimelne