Sang Hyang Nurrasa,great-grandfather of Batara Guru

After a long period in power in heaven Malwadewa, Sanghyang Nurcahya who have been granted a son with Nurrini Goddard (Goddard Mahamuni), then handed the throne to his son who has been Malwadewa growing up, Sanghyang Nurrasa.

In addition to the heaven gave Malwadewa, Sanghyang Nurcahya also deliver all the magic heritage, among others Cupu Manik Astagina, Lata Maosadi (Rewan Tree / Tree of Life, Oyod Mimang, Kalpataru), and Sesotya Retna Dumillah. Next Sanghyang Nurcahya create Darya Reader, which is the fiber (the book) that ignites the mind. Fiber (the book) is a voice without a literary form (without writing). Read with "Copyright sasmita" (the ability of the mind). Contains the story of Sang Hyang Nurcahya own journey. After submitting all the Sanghyang Nurrasa, Sanghyang Nurcahya meraga become one with Sanghyang Nurrasa.

In his story Sanghyang Nurrasa married with Dewi Sarwati daughter of King Island Darma Rawangin genie king who is none other than her grandfather. Of marriage, they endowed some children born to "Sotan" (sounds vaguely without form). Each only heard his voice alone. The voices bersahut-replication, such as fighting over who's older.

Sanghyang Nurrasa then silence, into the supernatural. With a miracle, he could see the shape that her sons. Two larger voice in the future, and that one small voice in the back. Both can be seen after flushing with Tirtamarta Kamandalu. Sanghyang Nurrasa finally set, that is behind older than those in front.

Son of a small voice in the back was named Sanghyang Darmajaka, while two big-voiced son who is in front, twin named Sanghyang Wenang and Sanghyang Wening. These events occurred in 2900 told the Sun, the Moon or the year 2989.

Several years later, the Goddess gave birth to a son Sarwati again, this time tangible 'akyan' (subtle body). The third son was named Sanghyang Taya.

After her sons grown, Sanghyang Nurrasa bequeath all science miracle to them. But among them only the most talented Wenang Sanghyang so chosen as Goda Malwadewa heirs. Sanghyang Nurrasa then abdicate the throne and integrated into the self Sanghyang Wenang.

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